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The Team

                     Paul Foster – Chief Operations Officer


With 20 years working in the concrete industry, Paul has tackled some of the largest concrete slab construction in the Mid-Atlantic. Having worked for a large scale company for the majority of that time, He has extensive skill in concrete forming, prepping, and placing as foremen and manager.


Paul leads our company by understanding what it takes to complete any scale of concrete work. His ability to form and lead a solid crew of skilled workers makes him not only a huge asset to our company, but also any project.

                           Michael Thompson - President

Over the past 20 years, Mike has obtained experience and excelled in many fields of construction including concrete foundations and slabs, full building ICF construction, structural framing and masonry.


Mike’s “hands on” approach had produced an outstanding general contractor that truly understands the connection of all trades in the success of a construction process. These qualities easily translate into commercial construction and provide our company with the confidence to take on any scale project.

                          Matt Thompson – Vice President


Matt has spent the past 14 years of his construction career in concrete foundations/slabs/ and ICF systems, structural steel erection, and general contracting. His managing focus has been site management and has proven to be a valuable site superintendent in the most difficult portions of construction schedules.


Over the years, Matt has led by taking on the most challenging work without hesitation. With a strong sense of ethics and responsibility, he has ensured the work of our company is the quality our clients deserve. Along with a stern leadership role, he has filled the role of material and equipment managing which has become crucial to achieving our project schedule goals.

                         Wyatt Thompson – Vice President


Wyatt began his career as a project engineer for a construction management firm. His leading role for the past 5 years has been budget management, estimating, controller, and project management.


The skills that he has obtained through his experience in construction management have been a leading resource for our company. His ability to organize budgets, contracts, and schedules has made him a invaluable asset to the team.


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